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Toyota|Lexus Remotes - Starter Bundle (27 Pieces)

Toyota|Lexus Remotes - Starter Bundle (27 Pieces)

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This starter bundle contains the following remotes that will work on various Toyota, Lexus, and Scion vehicles.

3 x 17306880 (TY-01) Toyota Camry/Corolla 2014-2018 4-Btn RHK (HYQ12BDM, H-Chip)
3 x 17301943 (TY-02) Toyota Camry/Corolla 2006-2011 4-Btn RHK (12BBY, 4D-67)
3 x 17304848 (TY-03) Toyota Camry 2012-2014 4-Btn RHK (HYQ12BDM, G-Chip)
3 x 17303281 (TY-04) Toyota 2010-2018 3-Btn Remote Head Key (HYQ12BBY, G-Chip)
3 x 17303268 (TY-05) Toyota Camry 2011 4-Btn Remote Head Key (12BBY, G-Chip)
3 x 17302055 (TY-06) Toy Highlander Sequoia Sienna Tacoma Tundra 3-Btn
2 x 17302219 (TY-07) Lexus ES330 LS430 SC430 2001-2011 Remote Head Key
2 x 17303220 (TY-08) Toyota Corolla 2010-2013 Remote Head Key (G-Chip)
2 x 17303280 (TY-09) Toyota RAV4 2006-2010 3-Btn Remote Head Key (12BBY, 4D-67)
1 x  17309651 (TY-10) Scion xB 2013-15 3-Btn Remote Head Key (No Chip HYQ12BDP)
1 x 17302220 (TY-11) Lexus ES GS IS LS 1998-2005 Remote Head Key 
1 x 17302223 (TY-12) Lexus ES300 LX470 SC300 SC400 1998-2000 Rmt Hd Key


  Vehicle Coverage  
Lexus ES300 Pontiac Vibe Toyota RAV4 LE
Lexus ES330 Scion xB Toyota RAV4 LE/XLE
Lexus GS300 Toyota 4-Runner Toyota RAV4 Sport
Lexus GS400 Toyota Avalon Toyota RAV4 XLE
Lexus GS430 Toyota Camry Toyota Sequoia
Lexus IS300 Toyota Corolla Toyota Sienna
Lexus LS400 Toyota Highlander Toyota Tacoma
Lexus LS430 Toyota Highlander LE Toyota Tacoma Base/SR5
Lexus LX470 Toyota Matrix Toyota Tundra
Lexus SC300 Toyota Prius C Toyota Venza
Lexus SC400 Toyota Prius V Toyota Yaris
Lexus SC430 Toyota RAV4