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240pc Universal Automotive Pressure Clip Set [MAGNUS]

240pc Universal Automotive Pressure Clip Set [MAGNUS]

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You never know what to expect when it comes time to take portions of your customers' vehicles apart. Pressure clips, the little plastic pieces which hold the interior cosmetic panels to car frames, deteriorate over time and must be pried forcefully from the door in order to gain access to door locks and lock mechanisms. There is no repairing a broken pressure clip, so after completing the job, you must do your best to redistribute the clips you didn't break so the door has the best chance of being remounted in the same condition you found it. Ignition shrouds and housings suffer from a similar fate, and as automotive immobilizer systems become more complex causing you to remove more body panels than ever before, you might find yourself with a handful of broken clips with no place on the vehicle left to borrow from.

The Universal Automotive Pressure Clip Set by Magnus Tool Company was field-tested across all major car manufacturing brands for maximum compatibility. Somewhere in this set, you will find clips that will allow you to replace the ones you inadvertently broke, so you can button up your repair and leave your customer feeling satisfied.

This set contains a variety of cosmetic panel pressure clips, flush-mount push clips and body panel clips (in case your customer's bumper is hanging on for dear life and you want to do them a solid). It will grant you peace of mind with most American, Japanese and European car makes and models.