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5-Pack 10mm Sockets +1 Adapter [MAGNUS]

5-Pack 10mm Sockets +1 Adapter [MAGNUS]

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By the time you finish reading this sentence, a 10mm socket will have disappeared from the toolbox of an unsuspecting locksmith. Why the 10mm, you ask? For reasons known only to the universe itself, all Japanese automobile manufacturers have chosen 10mm as the most commonly used nut and bolt size from most everything under the hood, to most every part of the vehicle interior. American automobile manufacturers dabble in 7mm, 8mm & 9mm, while Europe tortures us with Torx, but Japan has established their 10mm dominance. Need to disassemble a door or ignition shroud for door lock or ignition replacement? You will encounter a 10mm nut or bolt. Need to remove an ECU for reflashing? They're surrounded by 10mm's. This means the odds of you losing a 10mm socket goes up exponentially, which forces you to purchase complete socket sets just to replace that one pesky, missing 10mm socket.

This Five 10mm Sockets and 1+ Drill Adapter set from Magnus Tool Company will help to ease the burden of lost 10mm sockets, while gifting you a spare drill adapter to help ease the pain. Toss out your 13mm, 14mm and 15mm sockets and fill your toolbox with all 10mm's to show Japan whose boss. Then lose one and laugh into the sky, knowing that you have plenty to spare. for now.