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Nissan Universal 16+32G Bypass Cable with CGW Adapter

Nissan Universal 16+32G Bypass Cable with CGW Adapter

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Used to access Secure Gateway for 2020+ Sentra or other models on B18 Chassis. Required for Immobilizer programming, bi-directional controls, active tests, and other special functions.

The Nissan Sentra 2020+ bypass cable by XTool is designed to interface almost all automotive transponder programmers that have the capability of programming 2020+ Nissan Sentra vehicles. It functions by intercepting your programmer's CAN high and low signals and passing them though the 16+32 connectors bypassing the security gateway module of the vehicle. This allows access to all module on the CAN network for diagnostics/by-directional controls/programming.

How to use

  1. Plug the main cable of your programmer of choice into the female OBD port of the adapter.
  2. Locate the security gateway module on the vehicle. Located under the drivers dash.
  3. Locate and unplug the connectors currently plugged into the module. Plug in the 16+32 connectors directly into the module.
  4. Use your programmer of choice to select by vehicle or system type and program like normal.