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OBD2 Breakout Box with 4 Cables

OBD2 Breakout Box with 4 Cables

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The OBD2 Breakout Box from XTool is a device that allows easy access to every pin in a vehicle's OBD2 diagnostics port. This is essential for integration testing, expediting on-board programming and streamlining the troubleshooting process by simplifying the access to test signals. The integrated LED array is perfect for determining which OBD2 pins are active and functional on the vehicle.

Here are just a few examples of the benefits of this unit:

  • GM/Mitsubishi/Chrysler Remote Programming: Jump/ground the correct terminals on the OBD2 port for easy on-board remote programming.
  • Toyota/Lexus Engine Control Synchronization: After replacing or reflashing a Toyota/Lexus Immobilizer Control Unit (ICU), use this tool to jump the correct terminals on the OBD2 port and resync for the correct amount of time.
  • Toyota/Lexus OBD2 Resync Tool (short terminals 4 and 13) and start a timer for 30 minutes to register keys into a new/virginized ECU or immobilizer.